*If you are playing this game with a keyboard instead of a gamepad*

WASD Keys - Move up, down, left, and right, horizontally
Arrow Keys ↑↓ - Move up and down, vertically
Y Key - Do the task
N Key - Procrastinate
L Key - Locate yourself in this maze
I Key - Know the use of each key


👂This is an audio-only game where players can navigate through 125 days of someone’s life with sound.

🗓These 125 days were extracted from 25 weeks in 5 years and have been “reshaped” to a 5*5*5 3D maze.

🔄Players are allowed to move in any direction in the maze, which also means that non-linear time travel is available on those days.

⭕️❌When a task appears in that person’s life, a decision needs to be made by the player on whether to procrastinate or not. Consequences will follow according to different decisions.

🔚There is an exit somewhere in the maze, but getting there isn’t the end goal of this game. It just brings an end to the whole journey!

🎮This game was designed and developed during a game jam in Game Design as Play Design class with Instructor Jonathan Beilin at Parsons School of Design.

🤦🏻‍♀️The game theme I chose was “Procrastination is the dream flow of the universe.” So I named it “Procrastination, the Dream Flow.” (Not being creative at all, I know.)


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